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I Have Only A Few Days Left – ‘Sakawa Man’ Shares Sad Story

On TikTok, a man who goes by the handle @tobenna billaboy has spoken about his regrets in life and cautioned others from making the same error.

Identified as a ‘Sakawa man’ (an internet scammer with a touch of voodoo), the young man cautioned individuals against letting their burning desire for money shorten their time on earth, as he’s about to experience. 

He claimed that he made a huge mistake by letting the love for money capture his mind, something he will prevent in his next life.

He profusely apologized and emphasized that he just had a short time left, probably after going for juju to aid him in internet scamming.

He asked internet users to pray for him.

In his words:

“Don’t let the love of money shorten your days on earth. I won’t make the same mistake I made in my next life. Few days left, I’d miss you all. Pray for me y’all.”

Reacting to the post, @goldmercy wrote: “Pls, you ain’t going anywhere, go to the church and save your soul, please. Even though I don’t know you, I care. Please go to the church.”

@ashleybae96 said: “just enjoy your days, some people will die poor, their life will be short ND not still go to heaven
God have mercy me, just enjoy to fullest 

@lordvicky00 added: “I pray the lord show mercy on this young soul, bro take heart. I pray if it pleases the lord  he spares you and makes you a vessel unto honour but if not.”

Watch the video below:

Source – Tru News Report


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