“I Slept With Married Men To Make Ends Meet” – Akuapem Poloo

Ghanaian actress Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, has admitted that she had to have sexual relations with married men in order to make ends meet in Accra.

In an interview on BRYT TV, Akuapem Poloo said the man she gave birth to didn’t help her out with raising the child, which led to her making some bad decisions. She was arrested when a photo she uploaded of herself and her kid celebrating his birthday without clothes went viral some years ago.

In a touching birthday message to her son, she wrote, “Son today reminds me of the very day I gave birth to you with no stress and with no regret….. 30th June 2013 exactly 4:46 am Sunday Haha I still remember this date paa because it really meant a lot to me, I only felt the 30 minutes pain when you were turning to come out…you were soo good to me. I gave birth with no complications, no cut no disability Haha I love you, son. You see how you looking at me…always remember that I love you… I’m naked in front of you because this is how naked I was giving birth to you, so in case you find me naked lying somewhere don’t pass by me but rather see me as your mom who brought you to life.”

“I’ve gone through a lot. No matter how much I hated it, I had to sleep with other people’s husbands. Akuapem Polo said, “Because they are the only ones who can help me.” The actress claims she did so because she was taking care of her new-born while she was still living with her mother.”

“My mother took my baby son when he was six months old, and she advised me to return to Accra and get on with my life. Imagine leaving my 6-month-old baby, it was a hassle. so I then came back and did everything from sales girl at melcom, to acting and appearing in music videos,” she said

She also said that the spouses of several of the men she dated eventually cursed her. “I’ve been through so much that the spouses of the men I dated have had to curse me. so when I started making money from acting and met the man am dating now I stopped”.

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Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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