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I Have A Lot Of Respect For Entrepreneurs Than Politicians – Barima Sidney

One of Ghana’s renowned hiplife/afrobeat singers who’s been in the game for nearly three decades, Barima Sidney, has stated emphatically that he reveres entrepreneurs than politicians.

Also known as the ‘Rap Ninja’, Barima Sidney is one of Ghana’s politically conscious musicians who addresses critical socio-political issues through music in a very creative manner.

Some also consider his songs to be very controversial.

In an exclusive interview on Tru Voices, the 45-year-old father of three, known for hit songs such as ‘Africa Money’ ‘Donkomi’, ‘Sikadieee basaa’, ‘Obiaa Nye Obiaa’, and ‘Scent nu’ among others, advised Ghanaian youth to build something for themselves rather than scrambling for political jobs.

“This one goes out to the youth out there. I keep saying this thing that I have respect for politicians, I have respect for everybody. But then I will say I have more respect for individuals who have excelled in entrepreneurship.”

“Look at Ghana here, there are people who have come out with their own ideas, started from the scratch; built their own thing and they’re employing people. So, I will advise the youth to go more into entrepreneurship than just jumping into some political party following, they give you some position and then all of a sudden you become something else acquiring properties.”

“I always have a lot of respect for entrepreneurs than politicians. I have respect for them [politicians], but to tell you the truth, people enter into politics and they start amassing wealth and when they’re not in power, go back and see their lifestyle.”

The musician, who appears to have a deeper understanding of how things work in Ghana, did not seem impressed with the status quo.

One may not be surprised at Sidney’s posture considering that his ‘African Money’ song which became popular beyond the shores of Ghana addressed corruption, which is a critical issue for the continent of Africa.

“Politics is where you go in there and grab some money, and so the youth don’t even want to think again. All they want to do is to follow a party in the hope that when they win power, they will fix them somewhere. That mentality let’s just put it aside, and let’s start building something on our own from the scratch.”

“So, the youth out there, if you want to go into politics and do it as your main job, no problem. But don’t go in there because you want to grab some money. Go into entrepreneurship, and do something on your own, and you will be more respected than jumping into politics such that tomorrow if they’re not in power then you’re stranded” he advised.

Barima Sidney, real name Sidney Kofi Ofori, kicked off his music career in 1994, and was the lead member of the defunct Nananom music trio.

The group released back-to-back hit songs until he went solo in the 2000s.

As a solo artiste, Barima Sydney has released many hit songs, and has carved a niche for himself.

He has been quiet in the last few years, but says he has a single coming out in 2023.

Watch The Full Interview Below:

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

News Editor, Lover of Arts & Entertainment

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