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Ghana Will Keep Going Back And Forth Until We Follow A National Development Agenda – Sidney

Hiplife/afrobeat singer Barima Sidney, is of the view that Ghana will keep going in circles until the country strictly adopts a national development agenda that all governments work with.

The musician, who’s known to address critical socio-political issues through his songs told Tru Voices in an exclusive interview that regardless of who becomes President of Ghana, until such a time that all governments follow an agreed development agenda for the country over a long period of time, things will not get better as they ought to.

The ‘African Money’ hitmaker who scored Nana Akufo-Addo’s New Patriotic Party administration 50 on a scale of 10-100, says the administration started well but missed its priorities along the line.

The 45-year-old politically conscious musician and father of three, told Tru Voices that when given the opportunity, he will advise the President on the need to strictly stick to a national development plan.

“If I have the opportunity to advise the President, there will be two things I will talk about. One, setting their priorities right. Like I said, infrastructure development is okay, but then they should look at some social interventions as well.”

“Two, you see, it is not really about the presidents and the governments that keeps coming and going. To me, I believe that they all wish Ghana well and that when they leave office, they would love to say that, during my time when the taps were opened, they flowed with milk and honey and all that.”

“If I have the chance to advice the President, I will ask him about the whereabouts of the national development agenda. I will tell him to champion that agenda where Ghana will have a blueprint.”

“Let’s say from now till the next 20 years this is what we are doing, and it will be enshrined in our constitution and it will be there like a Bible. Different manifestos put together as a blueprint so that any government that comes you just follow what is there. Let’s say in the blueprint we’re supposed to build ten schools in all regions, so if one government builds 5, the next government continues…In Agriculture, health, and others there should be priorities and time limits, so if you come as a President just follow the national development agenda.”

The ’Rap Ninja’ is convinced that, “the reason why we are not moving forward is that each one comes with his or her own manifesto, and says education system let’s do it this way, then another one will come and say let’s do it that way; so, we keep going back and forth.”

“If there’s a national development agenda and we follow it, that’s what will help Ghana. So, that will be my advice or plea to the President; that they should look at this national development agenda and work on it” he reiterated.

Barima Sidney, real name Sidney Kofi Ofori, is also known as ‘Rap Ninja. His music career kicked off in 1994, and he was the lead member of the defunct Nananom music trio.

The group released back-to-back hit songs until he went solo in the 2000s. As a solo artiste, Barima Sydney has released many hit songs such ‘African Money’, Obiaa Nye Obiaa’ among others.

He has been quiet in the last few years, but says he has a single coming out in 2023.

Watch the Full Interview With Tru Voices Below:

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