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Jesus Christ Is Not Coming Back- Osofo Kyiri Abosom

In the recent edition of the Atuu program aired on UTV on September 16, 2023, and monitored by Tru News Report, Ghanaian pastor, Osofo Kyiri Abosom stated that Christians should forget about Jesus Christ because he is not coming back, as famously stated in the Bible.

The Ghanaian cleric, who has made controversial statements in the past concerning Christianity and the vast thread tying all Christian dogma together, told TV personality Abeiku Santana that Jesus obviously lied to his followers when he said he would come back and separate the righteous from the ‘world.’

He said Judgement Day and everything shrouding the chronicles associated with Jesus as recorded in the Bible are all fallacies. Additionally, he said the Bible is a collection of fairy tales and not a Holy book inspired by God, as Christians largely believe.

Back in July this year, the Founder and leader of Life Assembly Worship Center, whose real name is Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrews also mentioned that Heaven does not exist in accordance with how Christians interpret it.

According to him, Heaven is the same world in which we live as human beings.

Osofo Kyiri Abosom claimed on the Ghana Kasa show on Kasapa 102.5FM/Agoo TV that the idea of a sacred city called Heaven could only be a fabrication of people’s imaginations.

“There is no Heaven anywhere, this whole talk about the existence of Heaven is a lie. There is also no Hell anywhere. The Bible says there’s judgment after death. Two things here, when you die today it is either your soul will be accepted by God or rejected, that’s all

“Jesus Christ said when someone dies, his or her soul turns into an angel. So when you are an angel which is a Spirit, do you need a house (Heaven) to live in? The talk about Heaven is all lies”, he said.

“Why is it that when pastors are about to die they pray asking God to save them from death, if there’s indeed a place they will go and enjoy as the Bible claims, why will they not want to go there? Even when King Hezekiah was told by the Prophet that he was about to die, he prayed to God to spare his life and allow him to live for more years”, he added.

Source – Tru News Report


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