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Kuame Eugene Warns ‘Agenda Boys’ To Take Their Eyes Off Fela Makafui

Kuame Eugene has taken it upon himself to ‘fight’ for Medikal by issuing a warning to ‘agenda boys’, to refrain from ogling at Fella Makafui, Medikal’s wife.

This message was conveyed through a recent Twitter post, which has garnered a range of reactions from the online community. The Rockstar, as Kuame Eugene is affectionately called, shared a video featuring Fella Makafui, a prominent actress from the now-defunct Yolo TV series, enjoying a scooter ride.

Eugene emphasized Fella Makafui’s voluptuous figure, urging men to divert their attention elsewhere as she is already committed to Medikal.

Although he acknowledged Fella Makfui’s beauty and allure, he emphasized that men should be aware of her marital status and refrain from lusting after her solely based on her physical features, such as her prominent buttocks, which she comfortably flaunts while riding her scooter.

During an interview with Class FM, Kuame Eugene, also known as The Rockstar, revealed that he used to skip school to visit a recording studio owned by Kobina Jam, a gospel music programmer who honed his beat-making skills.

Eugene has expressed his determination to positively impact the life of Jam, who played a significant role in his musical journey.

“I love him and I think I owe part of the reason I am here today to him,” the I Feel Nice hitmaker added. “He gave me an opportunity. Even though he didn’t teach me what I know, he gave me access to his machines.”

Revealing he has plans to appreciate Kobina Jam, he noted it will be “a grand visit,” and not just a casual visit with “money in an envelope”.

“I want to do something for him that he can live with for the rest of his life because he’s given me something special I am living with for the rest of my life,” he emphasised.

Kuami Eugene disclosed he has a timeline for the commitment and “it’s getting really close”.

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