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Kylie Jenner Wears A Huge Lion’s Head On Her Black Outfit At The Paris Fashion Week

A realistic-looking animal print was stitched onto the front of a figure-hugging black velvet dress that had an on-trend strapless shape, It covered one side of Kylie’s body fully and came up to brush her chin.

Because the lion was such an eye-catching accessory, Kylie chose to keep the rest of her look understated. She wore her hair in a high ponytail with a throwback vibe, opted for understated makeup, and wore only a few select pieces of jewelry.

Kylie was wearing a pair of gold shoes that had outlandish toe patterns and carrying a snakeskin purse. When she entered the event, the enormous item that she was wearing was likely to attract the attention of spectators.

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

News Editor, Lover of Arts & Entertainment
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