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List Of The Latest Ghanaian Kente Engagement Styles

Marriages in Ghana are not like they are in the West. Even in the present day, when a change in religion and culture has led Ghanaians to adopt the western form of marriage, thus; proposal, when the man gets down on one knee and puts an engagement ring on the finger of the lady, as a pledge to marry her, followed by a white wedding.

Weddings and engagements in Ghana are performed in a unique fashion. A marriage nowadays is a lovely combination of western and Ghanaian traditions, done by a couple to celebrate their love.

If a man and a woman in Ghana fall in love and both are of legal marriageable age and have sufficient financial resources, they would become engaged before any formalities such as a white wedding or a court case.

The guy who will be seen as the one to “take” the lady will tell his family, and the elders of his family will then accompany him to the woman’s house to beg for their customary conditions to be completed so that the man can “take” their daughter.

When negotiations between the two families are successful, an engagement ceremony date is established, and the engaged pair must wear formal attire that will impress their guests. As the day is a public display of the couple’s riches and status, it is important that they look their best. It’s shocking even by the standards of the Internet age.

If you are looking to marry anytime soon, check out some of these traditional engagement styles below

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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