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Meek Mill Takes Down Preview Of His Next Music Video Showing Scenes From Ghana’s Seat Of Gov’t, Jubilee House

Hours after posting a video on his Instagram and Twitter, American rapper Meek Mill has taken down the music video, he shot at the Jubilee House.

The video was taken in and around the Jubilee House during his recent visit, and though there has been no official explanation provided for the removal of the video, there is a widespread belief that it was because of the negative reaction that resulted from the fact that parts of the viral video were filmed in and around the Jubilee House.

The majority of people who use social media, particularly Twitter, have expressed their outrage at what they view as a near disrespect of the presidency, claiming both moral and security concerns as their justifications. Millions of people have commented on the platform’s influencers, with a lot of majority condemning the government for permitting the filming of the music video in such politically sensitive locations.

See some of the reactions

@Daniel Sakitey wrote on Twitter: Meek Mill really shot a music video at Jubilee House? This is the lowest point we can get as a country What happened to “Jubilee House is a security zone” Even American Embassy in Ghana, you can’t take pictures and Ghana. allows Jubilee House to become studio. We are FINISH

Meek Mill Has Deleted The Music Video, He Shot At The Jubilee House

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