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Men Who Are Not Good-Looking Know How to Take Care Of Their Women- Efia Odo

Known for stirring up controversies, former Kwese TV presenter and socialite Efia Odo has said something interesting about men who are not good-looking.

Speaking to Lifestyle TV in a recent interview, Efia Odo insisted that men who are ugly know how to sponsor their women’s lavish lifestyles and pamper them in all facets. In her words, a man cannot be ugly and broke at the same time as that’s tantamount to stark disaster.

She is quoted as saying during the interview thus; “Ugly men take good care of women. I have met and dated ugly people previously, and of course, they had money because you cannot be ugly without money.”

She went on to list some characteristics of a man she might consider dating or find appealing.

“I despise getting hooked up by someone; therefore, if you want to date me, I think we should first meet in a public setting, like a restaurant or a bar.

Additionally, you must catch my attention by having excellent teeth; if not, I won’t talk to you. She said, “I can’t date small people because I’m constantly on six feet, and you need a lot of money.”

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