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My Marriage Is Over — Mimi Andani Sadly Announces

Mimi Andani Michaels, a former Ghanaian singer, reality TV star, and event organizer, has made an official announcement regarding the end of her eight-year marriage.

In a lengthy Instagram post on November 15, the former Big Brother Africa housemate revealed that she has been divorced for over a year now. While she did not disclose the specific reason behind the decision, Mimi stated that she and her husband, Nana Michaels, are now focused on co-parenting their only child without allowing their personal issues to impact their child’s well-being.

The founder of the Golden Movie Awards emphasized that the announcement was necessary because she continues to be introduced as “Mrs. Michaels” at various events.

Mimi expressed her dislike for the assumptions and judgments that people make when they see her with male friends in certain situations, leading her to make her divorce public. Going forward, she requested that people simply refer to her as ‘Mimi Andani’.

Read the full statement below:

“It would have been totally unnecessary to do this but being in the media space and having to explain myself at every move I make is becoming tiring, so, I will like to bring to your notice that I, Mimi Andani is no longer the wife of Nana Michaels., we have actually been divorced for close to a year now and was separated for more than a year before finalizing our divorce. Having cleared this, I will be glad if everyone refers to me as Simply Mimi or Marvella Maame and in the case of official spaces, Mimi Andani

“This notice has become important because most of our clients, associates and friends will call me randomly talking about something I am not privy to, people will see me at events and scream Mrs Michaels, when I am introduced at corporate spaces I am always introduced as Mrs Michaels etc.

“Importantly people look at me with a shock when they see me at places/events with male friends in a certain comfortable position and I don’t want people forming ideas and making conclusions about me for lack of information, protecting my corporate image is important to me.

“Therefore, please note that my 8yrs marriage has come to an end fortunately or unfortunately. My ex-husband and I, are amicably giving the only child between us all the love and support a child needs from her parent and we try as much as possible to separate our issues from our child! So far, so good!” her post read.

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