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Nana Aba Anamoah Lashes Out At An American Woman For Portraying a Negative Narrative About Ghana

After an American woman named Jessie Clark Funk, who many assume to be a member of the Latter Day Saints referred to Ghana as “a land of filth and a poverty-stricken country,” Ghanaian Media personality Nana Aba Anamoah fired back. 

Jessie Clark Funk, speaking in a viral video about the church’s humanitarian work around the world, said that her time in Ghana led her to believe that the poor, hungry, and filthy people she met there would rather see the church’s resources put towards improving their lives than into constructing a grand temple.

Nana Aba responded to Clark Funk’s statements on her Instagram and twitter page, warning her against spreading a false narrative about Ghana for her own personal interests, and asking her to stop giving the impression that Ghanaians are hostile to the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Nana Aba spent time teaching her about daily life in Ghana.

“I’ll forgive your imbecilic comments about the poverty-stricken and hungry people you claim to have seen around that temple and assume you just wanted to appear relevant. The neighborhood where your temple (the Church of Latter-Day Saints) stands in Accra (Ridge) is one of the wealthiest, most peaceful, and prestine neighborhoods. The result was that you appeared pitiful”she said.

And then she tweeted, Hey @Jessieclarkfunk just in case you don’t check your IG & Facebook. Don’t do that again. Okay?

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