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You’ll Lose Your Dignity if You Sleep with Men for Jobs – Nana Aba Advises Ladies

Media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah is urging young women to refrain from the temptation of trading their bodies for employment opportunities, emphasizing that it diminishes their dignity and self-respect.

Speaking in an interview with 3 Music TV, Anamoah, the founder of the Women of Valour conference, highlighted the exploitation and power dynamics at play when women succumb to such pressures.

“Some men believe they can exert power in this manner… If you find yourself in such a situation, I urge you not to engage in sexual activities with a man,” the seasoned journalist asserted.

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She emphasized the importance of preserving one’s dignity, cautioning against compromising integrity for career advancement.

She revealed that while she personally has never faced such circumstances, she firmly believes it’s not worth the risk for any woman.

Addressing the tendency to blame the victims, particularly young women, she emphasized that the fault lies with those who exploit vulnerability rather than with the individuals themselves.

“It’s not their fault… There are individuals who believe they must obtain sexual favors before offering job opportunities, regardless of the woman’s competence,” Anamoah explained.

While she acknowledged the challenges women may encounter in pursuing their careers, she stressed that resorting to sexual favors for employment is never justified.

“Although you may face numerous obstacles and financial pressures, exchanging sex for a job is not the solution,” she affirmed.

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The journalist concluded by encouraging women to stand firm in their principles and not compromise their values for professional opportunities.

Source – Tru News Report

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