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Never Date One Man – Woman Tells Single Ladies

A Nigerian lady has caused much stir online after she revealed that she can’t stay with one man no matter how hard she tries.

In what looks like a message urging other single ladies to date multiple men, the young lady offered herself as an example and claimed that she would always cheat, regardless of what her lover did to show his love for her.

She emphasized that other young women shouldn’t spend all of their time with one man if he isn’t their husband.

The young lady claims that she cannot stop cheating because she is accustomed to doing it, but she does not believe that it is bad as long as they are not yet married.

”My advise to young girls now, no get one boyfriend. I am used to cheating, if you like do everything for me,” she said.

The video below contains her message during a recent interview;

Her post attracted a flurry of reactions from netizens as below;

 sensitiveocho said; If you marry this one sorry na your name.

steve_household_equipment; See who them do child dedication for

steveaquarium said; Ok noted…… If you no see husband now… You go begin disturb mfm Shiloh redeem camp and all the ori oke for miracle

richmondhotcooler; Keep sharing your body for free to different men all in the name of cheating. You have no respect for your body

sunofgodz; Women have started confessing, if u’re cheating in relationships, how can u be faithful in marriage that is a lifetime

miss_social20; She won’t learn the hardest way ..people like her marry on time and end up with good men ..that’s the sad part …

collins_reigns_; She has said it all. She came out with her full chest. Trust me your girlfriend is cheating too but she’s coding it. This is the generation of girls we have 😂😂😂.

sammirdiary; There’s Shiloh where you lots go fool yourselves every year when you no see husband , discipline is difficult and one need to practice it with time, marriage no Dey change person….man or woman

father_murph; Dear Kings, y’all should leave a street girl on the street fr. U can’t save her🙅🏽‍♂️.If u attempt to, she’d drain u financially, emotionally & mentally coz she’s only with u for survival. More so,she doesn’t care or give a hoot about ur sacrifices, she’s only loyal to her emotions & stomach infrastructure. Don’t be a s!mp for fake love🤧.Just Pipe & swipe😎✌🏽
Learn or perish!

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