NFL Star Damar Hamlin Posts On Instagram To Thank Fans For Their Support After Cardiac Arrest Experience

Damar Hamlin has made his first public appearance on social media after suffering a cardiac attack.

In an emotional message, he thanked his supporters for their continued love and support in the wake of his ordeal.

When you put real love out into the world it comes back to you 3x’s as much.. The Love has been overwhelming, but I’m thankful for every single person that prayed for me and reached out. We brung the world back together behind this. If you know me you know this only gone make me stronger. On a long road keep praying for me! #3strong,” he wrote.

On Twitter, he sent a message with a similar sentiment, stating, “Putting love into the world comes back 3xs as much… thankful for everyone who has reached out and prayed. This will make me stronger on the road to recovery, keep praying for me!”

On January 2, 2019, while playing for the Buffalo Bills against the Cincinnati Bengals, the 24-year-old player passed out after making a tackle in the first quarter of the game. On the field, he needed to have CPR performed on him.

Before Saturday’s late-game start, the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars gathered in the centre of the field during warmups to pray for Hamlin.

“The love is felt, & extremely real. No matter race or religion everybody coming together in prayer!

It comes as the Buffalo Bills also released an update on Saturday with positive news on the 24-year-old’s health.

“Per the physicians at UC Medical Centre, Damar is making continued progress in his recovery yet remains in critical condition,” the statement said.

“He continues to breathe on his own and his neurological function is excellent.”

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