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Piesie Esther Says She Used To Hawk On The Street To Make Ends Meet

Ghanaian female gospel musician Piesie Esther, who is considered to be one of the most talented gospel artists in Ghana, recently shared her story about how she left her hometown to make a livelihood as a street vendor in Kumasi.

“All I wished for when I was growing up was to travel from my remote village to Kumasi, so it was in Kumasi that I really started my journey of life where I used to hustle on the streets in order to make ends meet’.

In an interview on Hello FM, the well-known female singer from the Ashanti Region revealed that she traveled from Kumasi to Accra only when she realized that she had potential. She is originally from the Ashanti Region.

She said, “By the grace of God when I learned that I had a talent which was a gift for singing that is what prompted me to migrate from Kumasi to settle eventually in Accra.” “By the grace of God,” she said, “when I discovered that I had a skill which was a gift for singing.”

Piesie Esther said that she was in Accra for the Waye Me Yie’ anniversary event. “As for Kumasi, I usually do come back home and also do return whenever the necessity arises,” she added. “But this time I’m here for the Waye Me Yie’ anniversary show.”

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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