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Poor People Raise Their Children To Envy Rich Kids – US-Based Nigerian woman

Stephenia Omeh, a health expert based in the US, claims that poor people give birth to children who grow up envious of their peers who have wealthy parents.

In a post that has shaken the foundation of social media, the Nigerian woman who criticized the poor children stated they should not be envious but rather furious at their parents for not working hard to become wealthy while their friends were doing so.

Stephenia, who works in Washington, DC, claimed that it largely applies to the current generation because, in the past, impoverished children never had jealousy and instead dreamed of being like the rich.

Her controversial post reads; “Poor people breed kids that envy rich kids.

It’s no one’s fault that your parents chose to breed when others are creating wealth. Your envy will never change your predicament – you better start learning from rich people like am doing now.

When I was growing up – we were not that envious of successful people, rather, we wanted to become successful like them

But this new generation of poor people are very ENVIOUS of successful people and will not think twice to k**l that successful individual. Envious Generation!”

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