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Rick Ross Reveals his first stage name based on an old movie of the same name

In light of the fact that it was based on a movie, Rick Ross has disclosed the first rap moniker he ever got when he was in the fourth grade and how awful it was.

Rozay took some time this week to discuss his original rap name during a visit to the Crazy Sexy Cool Show. The head of Maybach Music Group claims that while participating in a rap group in the fourth grade, his buddies gave him a rap name that he didn’t particularly like.

“By the time, I may have been in the fourth grade when we was like our first rap group, like, ‘Yo, we a rap group,” Ross said before the show host asked if he remembered his first rap name.

He initially said he didn’t want to share the name because of how ridiculous it is, but later revealed to the host that it is a tattoo on his arm. He eventually admitted that Willow, from the 1988 movie of the same name, was his original rap name.

Ross claimed that his close friends gave him the nickname Willow in honor of Warwick Davis’ portrayal of the character. In the movie, dwarfism sufferer Davis played a wizard who joined forces with a warrior to defend a child.

“Where that came from, it was a film with the short, fat dude, and you know everybody knew me as Will, and they was like, ‘Yo, you Willow,’ and I was like ‘That’s wack.’”

Source – Tru News Report


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