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Serwaa Amihere Shares Cryptic Post Amidst Trending Bedroom Video

Serwaa Amihere appears unfazed by the circulation of her bedroom video. The GHOne news anchor has taken to social media to share a cryptic post centered around stoicism.

While she hasn’t officially addressed the video, many of her fans interpret this new post as a subtle way of expressing her indifference towards the video and its consequences.

Since the emergence of the video, the Ghanaian online community has been buzzing with discussions. In the video, Serwaa Amihere was seen engaging in intimate activities with a married man identified as Henry Fitz.

Both of them were naked in bed, exchanging passionate kisses while Serwaa seemed to relish the moment and emitted occasional moans.

Here is the extract of a book she recently posted.

“Circumstances are what deceive us-you must be discerning in them. We embrace evil before good. We desire the opposite of what we once desired. Our prayers are at war with our prayers, our plans with our plans.” -SENECA, MORAL LETTERS

A woman says she wants to meet a nice guy and get married-yet she spends all her time around jerks. A man says that he wishes he could find a great job, but he hasn’t actually bothered to do the looking. Busi- ness executives try to pursue two different strategies at the same time-straddling it’s called-and they are shocked when they succeed at neither.

All of these people, just as is often true for us too, are deceived and divided. One hand is working against the other. As Martin Luther King Jr. once put it, “There is something of a civil war going on within all of our lives,” a war inside each individual between the good parts of their soul and the bad.

The Stoics say that that war is usually a result of our conflicting desires, our screwed-up judgments or biased thoughts. We don’t stop and ask: OK, what do I really want? What am I actually after here? If we did, we’d notice the contradictory and inconsistent wishes that we have. And then we’d stop working against ourselves.

Source – Tru News Report


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