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Shatta Wale Blasts Sarkodie For Disrespecting Samini

Shatta Wale has weighed in on the feud between Samini and Sarkodie, which led to Samini asserting that he no longer wants to work with rapper Sarkodie on a song as a result of his disrespectful countenance. 

The legendary rapper, who recently added to his legacy by featuring on a remix of Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up,”  has apologized to Samini for any offense he may have caused, but he insists that he has done nothing to deserve Samini’s attacks. Sarkodie addressed it during his interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

In a Facebook Live session on January 28, Shatta Wale called out Sarkodie for criticizing the same musician who helped him out and gave him a verse on his smash song “Love Rock” from 2014. Shatta claims that no matter how successful a rapper Sarkodie becomes, Samini will always be the musical hero everyone remembers.

“A don’t blame people like sarkodie and stonebwoy, they need the fame, i dont know what they will use the fame to do. Masa we make fame sit down, as for me fame can’t control me i control fame. Right now see Samini and Sarkodie are fighting, How can Samini and Sarkodie be fighting? Samini and Sarkodie shouldn’t be fighting but ask yourself why? Because Right now Sarkodie feels like he has the people so he has forgotten about Samini.

“Hey Sarkodie, Samini is your father, forever and ever. Hey Sarkodie, Samini be your legend, icon, and superstar forever and ever. Forget everything, me and him get beef but even with that, I give him respect. Forget yourself, nonsense!” he said.

His point was that, instead of justifying his behavior, Sarkodie should have shown Samini some respect by keeping quiet so he could finish.

Shatta continued “You see what fame can cause? You guys play with everything. Samini is the guy that when he is speaking on radio, you have to shut up and listen because he has been on that fucking journey. The road he cleared for some of us to be enjoying sometimes we shouldn’t run away from that, It is very nonsense and stupid something. It is not your fault and not anybody’s but those 12 people in the music industry, and I will pray that one-day government will investigate our music industry and say yes these are the people and then jail them. Because today Samini can speak on the radio and they will cut the line, Ghana for you”.

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Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

News Editor, Lover of Arts & Entertainment

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