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Veteran Broadcaster Root Eye, Marries His “Soulmate”; Opens Up About Their Interesting Love Story From 1990

Veteran broadcaster and musician, Kwasi Nyarko Ofei, popularly known as Root Eye, tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend from 1990. The lady, Victoria, was Root Eye’s girlfriend since secondary school days.

But the two were separated by distance for years, and the lady married someone else, whereas Root Eye also found himself in another relationship.

The popular radio presenter who’s shocked by the events of their comeback as husband and wife, shared his joy on his Facebook page on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

In an interview with Tru News Report, the ‘Sweetie Sweetie’ hitmaker narrated how it all went down.

Victoria and Root Eye had dated for a few months in 1990, and she left for the United Kingdom with her mother.

“… we kept the relationship going on till 1996, when she returned for the first time, but at the time I still felt young, and as a woman, she had started talking about getting married and starting a family, and for me that was quite too early. I had just completed 6th form and I hadn’t figured out what the next line of action was going to be,”

Root Eye recounts.

Victoria returned to the United Kingdom and maintained contact with the broadcaster, but she got married in 1999. Meanwhile, Root Eye had relocated to Takoradi to start his radio presenting career.

“Even though she got married in 1999, she kept calling and checking on me, and I was still trying to find my feet. She proved to me that she cared about me. She was so concerned about everything that I do.”

Root Eye

In 2007, Root Eye made an attempt to also get married, but it was unsuccessful. The former host of TV3’s ‘Music Music’ show, fathered two children out of wedlock, but Victoria kept her friendship with him from a distance.

In 2013, Victoria separated from her then husband and returned to Ghana. Victoria made an attempt to reunite with sweetheart, but Root Eye was in a relationship at the time. She thus went back to the UK to fix her marriage but it failed.

She got divorced in 2017 and became a preacher.

“She became some sort of a preacher. She will preach, she will go spreading the gospel and at that time, because she became a new person, the relationship was still there, but I grew more respectful towards her because of that new found life that she found.”

Root Eye

Victoria lost her mother last year and she return to Ghana. Spending time with Root Eye, the pair talked about getting back together. Root Eye was single from a failed 8-year relationship and Victoria was also single so they decided to get married.

“The plan came up around August last year, we decided that we are no more kids, we don’t have anything to wait for, so let’s put plans together and get married in December, and let’s do it on Christmas day, and that’s what we did.”

“Being old friends I feel like this whole thing is more fortified now, we think we understand each other better now that we are adults and have had experiences in the past with other people, we’ve learnt all the golden lessons to build a better relationship.”

“It’s a beautiful relationship that has grown into marriage, and so far I think I’m having the best time in my life” he said with ecstasy.

Check out some of the couple’s exclusive photos from the marriage ceremony:

Root Eye was remarkable throughout his Hiplife era. In 1993, he co-founded the group ‘Legalised Illegal’ alongside General Marcus.

In 1996, he contributed a lyric to the ‘Sweetie Sweetie’ single from Reggie Rockstone’s ‘Me Na Me Kae’ album.

Source – Tru News Report

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