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Vic Mensa Unveils New Music Video For ‘Strawberry Louis Vuitton’ As He Jumps Out Of Airplane

The music video for Vic Mensa’s most recent hit, “Strawberry Louis Vuitton,” has him playing the guitar and leaping out of an aeroplane.

On Friday, January 27, the same day the song was made available for streaming, the rapper exclusively shared the new video via his Facebook page in honour of Virgil Abloh. Vic Mensa may be seen in the movie walking along a dirt runway, skydiving while playing an electric guitar, and flying in an aeroplane as it soars to jumping altitude.

The video has scenes when a woman is seen waiting for him on a picnic blanket as it is being recorded on a handheld camcorder.

While the brand gets a major shout-out in the song’s name and chorus, the visual nods to Louis Vuitton would be easy to miss for anyone unfamiliar with the fashion house; with the name only appearing on the bottom of Vic’s sneakers and the frames of his co-star’s sunglasses.

In an Instagram post that included footage of his skydive, Vic Mensa expressed his delight over the new film, which he co-directed with Chicago-based director and photographer Danielle deGrasse-Alston. “I really put my heart & soul into this song & video I produced the record, directed the video with @daniedegrasse, edited the trailers… everything!!!,” he wrote.

In a subsequent post, the “Wraith” rapper offered his thoughts on the importance of remaining involved in the creative aspects of all facets of his artistry, hinting at the challenges he faced in shooting the “Strawberry Louis Vuitton” video.

“Okay I wanna talk about limitations being the mother of invention,” he started. “I get so tired of being in the industry and people always telling you ‘you need 50k to even think about shooting a video’ like yo, what happened to our creativity? we started making shit that impacted the world with NO money, just ideas inspiration and grind! It can be so easy to come into success and budgets and now just toss the responsibility of developing the creative to the label, or have directors submit treatments etc. but it just don’t hit the same!

He continued: “There’s something different about caring so much that you are carrying the camera, leading the styling, editing the videos, doings the stunts, working on the production… that’s how it was when me & danielle were doing videos from innanetape; im back on that shit. strictly hands on creative vision !! & working with your friends shout out to @princessfleeona.”

Source – Tru News Report


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