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We Can Talk About This At Home – Man Begs Wife Not to Beat His Side Chic After She Caught Them ‘Live’

A brief drama rolled out when a woman caught her husband with his side chic in public, as captured in a video going viral online.

The frightened man stood between the two combatants to stop them from causing damage to each other as the wife grew aggressive and wanted to throw the first stone, literally.

The man pleaded with his wife not to act irrationally and told her they could discuss the problem when they got home.

The mistress decided to defend herself by calling the woman names after the wife spilled what appeared to be a bottle of water on her husband and flung the bottle at her.

However, the man warned his partner to respect his wife by not insulting her. The wife then removed her slippers as he was speaking to her with the intention of using them on the other woman.

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