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Why I Don’t Believe In The Bible- Archipalago

Archipalago has revealed in an interview with celebrity blogger Zionfelix why he doesn’t believe in the Bible- a book made up of the writings accepted by Christians as coming from God.

Known for speaking his mind bluntly, Archipalago contended that rather than being the authentic words of the God as Christians subscribe to, the Bible is a storybook that our slave masters, herein the colonial masters who invaded Africa handed over to us to control us. He alleged that so-called pastors use the content of the Bible to deceive their congregations.

Palago added that he doesn’t waste his time reading the Bible or spending hours in church each Sunday since he doesn’t believe in it.

Elsewhere, Archipalago recently spilt out his obsession with Ghanaian thespian and filmmaker Yvonne Nelson during a recent interview with Fiifi Praat on Kingdom FM Plus in Accra.

The former SM member who is now domiciled in the United States of America spoke fondly of Yvonne and why she thinks having her as his girlfriend will be one of the biggest achievements of his life. “I wished Yvonne would make herself available for our wedding.

She is the love of my life. Despite the jokes, Yvonne is the kind of girl I like. The only problem is that I haven’t seen her in a dream yet. If not, I might have been convinced,” he said.

He gushed out further, “Of all the Ghanaian celebs, I want Yvonne the most. I would rather have her than food. We have a terrific feeling, and I could have kissed her if I had the chance.”

He was however quick to tell Nelson not to get offended by his words as he doesn’t know how to express himself by relating how he loves her. Don’t be insulted, Yvonne; I adore you. “I wish she was in my bed,” he concluded.

Source – Tru News Report


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