Woman In Uganda Ordered To Pay $80K After Refusing To Marry A Guy Who Paid Her Fees

A court in Uganda has ordered a woman to pay back 9.4 million shillings (about $80,000) to the guy who sponsored her during the time she was in college after she refused to marry him.

According to a local news site Nile post, the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Kanungu ruled that Fortunate Kyarikunda, who broke up with the man who had paid for her education, must pay back the man shs9.4 million and cover his legal fees.

The court papers revealed that Tumwine met Kyarikunda in 2015 when both were employed as teachers at Kiringa Primary School. Later on, the two of them began dating and decided to get married in 2018.

Tumwine kept this promise by agreeing to pay for the defendant’s tuition at the Law Development Centre (LDC) so she may pursue a career in law, which would cost him Shs9.4 million.

Tumwine provided Kyarikunda with financial support, including funding for her to earn a Diploma in Law from LDC. The court filing says he spent Shs9,439,100.

The plaintiff said in court that Kyarikunda rejected his proposal because he was too old for her, despite the fact that they had agreed to have an introduction ceremony in February 2022. The two individuals planned an introduction ceremony on January 10, 2022, and created a budget for a February 2022 ceremony. After initially siding with the plaintiff, the defendant turned him down, claiming, “She can’t marry an elderly man, therefore this lawsuit was filed,” according to the court papers.

Tumwine filed a lawsuit to get his ex-lover to pay him back all the money he spent on her when they were together. After hearing both sides, the judge sided with Tumwine and ordered Kyarikunda to repay her Shs9.4 million for breaking their pledge to marry.

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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