“I Prefer Older Women” – Akrobeto

Ghanaian actor, comedian, and TV presenter Akwasi Boadi, known as Akrobeto have revealed his preference for older women during an episode of UTV’s The Real News.

This comes after a lady sued her alleged sugar daddy’s manager at First Atlantic Bank for sexual harassment and unfulfilled promises after a romantic relationship, and with all this, Akrobeto has advised sugar daddies that it’s safer to have a romantic connection with a woman who is at least 70 years old to avoid all the drama that comes with dating younger women.

“The problem right now is that sugar daddies are now saying they aren’t interested in younger women, while these women are pleading with their counterparts to take them back, citing the financial benefits of having a sugar daddy to pay their bills and cover their rent. So, they’re pleading with sugar daddies to turn a blind eye to the lawsuits one lady filed against her sugar daddy. Despite the sugar daddy committee’s still insistence that they prefer older women now.”

He said

He stated, “I support the sugar daddies’ decision when they say, “They still go in for the older ladies now,” but instead of dating women in their twenties or thirties, I prefer to hook up with women in their seventies, eighties, or nineties.”

He laughed as he remembered a particularly interesting interaction he’d had with an elderly lady. He compared it to dating young women, saying it was more stressful.

“I went in for an 85-year-old woman once, and after our interaction “I told her I don’t have money on me so she should take the small left on me  ” The lady’s reaction was something like, “Oh my grandchild, go with the money you have done well for me.”

He said.

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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