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You Are A ‘Yawa’ Man- Shatta Wale Tells Man Who Leaked Serwaa Amihere’s Video

Shatta Wale appeared on Facebook Live a few hours ago where he discussed the viral video of Serwaa Amihere’s bedroom video.

The musician and the TV personality used to have a close relationship until they had a public disagreement on Twitter a few months back. However, that did not stop Shatta Wale from expressing his support for Serwaa he criticised the man involved in the video scandal.

He referred to Henry as ‘yawa’ and emphasized that it was inappropriate for him to record and share the video. Shatta Wale questioned Henry’s motives and asked if he was proud of his actions.

Since the emergence of the video, the Ghanaian online community has been buzzing with discussions. In the video, Serwaa Amihere was seen engaging in intimate activities with a married man identified as Henry Fitz.

Both of them were naked in bed, exchanging passionate kisses while Serwaa seemed to relish the moment and emitted occasional moans.

Meanwhile, the man at the centre of the controversy Henry Fitz has gone berserk on Instagram concerning the foregoing.

Mr Henry Fitz, reportedly a wealthy businessman, claims that he did not release the tape for blackmail purposes, as suggested on social media and allegedly orchestrated by Serwaa.

He alleges that Serwaa herself recorded the video and sent it to him to calm him down after a disagreement.

Furthermore, he accused Serwaa of engaging in multiple relationships, potentially leading to one of the numerous lovers leaking the s3x tape to teach her a lesson.

He goes on to make scandalous claims about Serwaa, alleging that she has been involved with several men and used fraudulent marriages to extort money from him during their relationship.

Source – Tru News Report


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