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Actor Don Little Splashes Millions On New Benz, Struggles to Pick Item From Car Boot

Ghanaian diminutive actor, Don Little is now the proud owner of a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Little reportedly splashed over $300,000 to buy a new Benz CLA which is obviously a way of pampering himself this festive season.

A video making the rounds on social media platforms showed Don Little trying to pick an item from the boot of his car.

A friend who filmed the moment was heard saying teasing him for not being able to pick an item from his boot because of his height.

The video was originally posted on TikTok and captioned “My son got a new ride.” Ghanaian blogger Gabs reshared on IG and wrote, “Don Little reportedly pampers himself with brand new Mercedes Benz CLA worth $300,000, struggles to pick item from car boot in video.”

In the same vein, when Don Little was spotted driving recently while using a pillow to give him the necessary edge to drive, some fans noticed him right away and promptly snapped a picture.

The young men could be heard laughing and expressing disbelief that he was able to drive despite his size in the video that is connected to this brief, which has mostly attracted criticism from some fans online.

They took their camera to capture Don Little when he was busy driving in town at a noticeable speed while his head was resting on the pillow after making sure their car was comparable to Don Little’s.

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Gabby Nash, popularly known as Gabs, is an incredibly talented writer and blogger. With an extensive career spanning over 15 years in journalism, Gabs has established a reputation for excellence that is truly remarkable. Throughout the years, he has contributed numerous thought-provoking articles and blog posts to various prominent Ghanaian websites and blogs. In the late 90s, he began his writing journey with Graphic Showbiz, Junior Graphic, and The Mirror, which is a subsidiary of Graphic Communication Group Limited. His articles have consistently showcased a deep level of insight and wisdom.

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