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Becca Drops Subtle Reaction To Skin Bleaching Rumours

Singer Becca has responded to the recent rumours circulating about her alleged use of skin-bleaching products.

The Ghanaian artiste has been accused of lightening her complexion to achieve a white look. However, she has clarified that her appearance is not a result of skin bleaching but rather the use of Snapchat filters. Becca attributes her seemingly lighter complexion to the effects of these filters, dismissing the claims made against her.

She made this disclosure after she shared a picture on Instagram with the caption, “The way you make people feel is your reputation. Loving my process.” To shield Becca from the onslaught of trolls in the comment section of the post, the online user took a stand and defended her, saying, “Tell them, queen, all the filters are on Snapchat.”

In response, Becca said, “Free of charge!”

In the past, Becca has had conflicts with Ghanaians on social media regarding this same issue. Back in 2018, Becca’s decision to bleach her skin became a topic of discussion and she was criticized for it. However, she stood up for herself and defended her actions, as evidenced by the statement she made below.

“It’s fine to chastise me. It makes me a stronger person. I wasn’t bothered at all. Do I look bleached? Some of them [the comments] were really ridiculous. I carry determination—a spirit that is not deterred. As a celeb, you give the room for bashing. People discuss you and doing this for ten years, I have tough skin [sic]”, she told HitzFM.

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