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Elon Musk Says, “Any Minute Now,” Twitter Users Will Be Able To Make Words Bold and Italic

It has been announced by Elon Musk that users of Twitter will soon have the ability to bold and italicise text.

Following his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter a year ago, the billionaire has been instituting a number of changes at the social media platform.

Some of the changes, such as the monetisation of the blue tick, may not be appreciated by all users; however, some modifications are really helpful and have been requested by users for a number of years.

The option to upload messages with bold and italic font is one of such features.

Musk has indicated that this functionality may be implemented in the near future.

On Monday, January 9, the user @greg16676835420, who is an investor and the creator of the NFT collection called “The Multiverse of gregs,” tweeted that Musk had said that users will “soon be able” to bold and italicize on Twitter. Musk is also the creator of the NFT collection called “The Multiverse of gregs.”

After that, Musk provided a response, saying, “Any minute now.”

At the moment, users can post tweets in bold and italics, but only via a third-party tool.

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