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How My Wife Abandoned Me In The Hospital– Mr Ibu Gives His Side Of The Story

Comic actor John Okafor, affectionately known as Mr. Ibu, has spoken up about his marital issues after his wife made it public.

During an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, the actor reprimanded his wife for her feeling of entitlement and tantrums when things don’t go her way.

The actor disclosed that his wife had abandoned him when he was in an Abuja hospital and that she wanted him to pass away. If he does not give Stella money, according to Mr Ibu, she will always fight him.

“My wife and I have been having so much misunderstanding. We had a big issue and we went to the police station to resolve things. We are currently not living together because of her behaviour”.

Speaking about his daughter Jasmine, Mr Ibu revealed that Jasmine is his adopted daughter and was the one who took care of him and paid his hospital bills when he was hospitalized.

His second son, Okafor Daniel, who was present during the interview, revealed the extra miles Jasmine always goes through to ensure Mr Ibu and his family are in good care.

“My stepmother (Stella Okafor) is being brainwashed. It started in Abuja when he was sick. Jasmine was in Cyprus when Mr Ibu fell sick and she came to Abuja to take care of him while in the hospital and paid his bills. She was the one who paid N500,000 to retrieve his account and went through all means to get verified.

Now that Mr Ibu is back on his feet, she wants to take glory. His wife wasn’t with him in the hospital and rather chose to party”.

Speaking about Stella’s claims that the actor hasn’t paid the kids’ school tuition, Mr Ibu said that he had handed her a million naira to cover the costs.

John Okafor revealed that his wife sold the cars he had purchased for her and that she had never given him an explanation of what she had done with the money. He claims that she has tantrums anytime he doesn’t give her money.

He further claimed that, contrary to what his daughter states, it is only his wife who intends to sell his property. He continued by saying that his wife’s persistent nagging had made his illness worse.

“My wife aggravates the sickness that I have. Once I have money – she would insult me. Stella was the one who wanted to sell the house”.

Source – Tru News Report


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