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Kelvynboy Outlines Difference Between Ghanaian Music Fans And Nigerians

Kelvynboy has highlighted the contrasting behaviour of music fans from Ghana and Nigeria during his appearance on 3Music TV.

He pointed out that while Nigerians wholeheartedly support their artists by streaming their songs and attending their shows without discrimination, Ghanaian fans tend to criticize and attack their favourite musicians on social media instead.

According to Kelvyn Boy, Ghanaian fans are more inclined to complain about their artists rather than show genuine support for them.

He observed that these fans are quick to criticize online but hesitate to actively support artists by attending their shows or purchasing tickets.

“The fans, however, like to complain more than to do the right thing. Somebody can rather come online, comment, and talk sh*t about artists than go online and book a ticket. They are not playing their part in the ‘support your own’ ecosystem,” he said.

He previously believed that the fault lay with the artists, assuming they were not performing correctly. However, he eventually concluded that Ghanaians do not invest the same level of energy into supporting their artists.

“I used to think it was the fault of the artistes, like we were not doing something right, but now I’ve come to realise that no, it’s us Ghanaians. We are not crazy like Nigerians. They put energy into supporting their artistes.

“But Ghanaians would rather come to complain. That’s too easy for them to do than even go online and book a ticket,” he said.

Source – Tru News Report


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