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King Promise Activates Father Christmas Mood After He Was Spotted Sharing Money to Kids On The Street

King Promise was kind enough to offer a cash gift to some kids he randomly met while driving and was stuck in traffic, probably somewhere in Accra.

The kids whose eagle eyes instantly spotted the mainstream artist quickly swarmed around his posh car and begged for money.

The clean-shaven artist searched frantically on his dashboard to get money for them as they looked aggressive. He found a cedi note and quickly gave it to them, cautioning them to share it equally before he continued his journey.

The funny thing is that his gesture has not impressed some netizens as they wondered why a musician of his calibre gave the kids only a single cedi note instead of spraying them with a lot of cash.

In a related development, King Promise recently said Nana Akufo Addo’s political regime has brought about greater misery than he has ever experienced.

He said life has become so unbearable and obviously deplorable presently to the extent that items he bought at ₵12,000 have suddenly jumped to ₵24,000 in a span of just 6 months.

When he was interviewed in the studios of Okay FM, a division of Despite Media Group, he vented his annoyance, saying;

“Ghana is expensive, no one can lie,” he said. Adding his experience, the ‘Ginger’ singer said “like things I use to pay for like maybe ₵12, 000, ₵13, 000 and ₵14,000 now is like ₵24,000. It doesn’t make any sense in less than six months.

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