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My Boyfriend is Cheating With Another Woman – Side Chic Shares Details

A side chic is not happy that her lover has turned his promiscuous antenna to the direction of another woman and has started going out with her.

She complained that the man should only be dating two women, not three, and vowed to use all legal means at her disposal to sabotage his connection with the third one.

Interestingly, the lady claims that she is fighting for the main chic because she likes her and wants her to wed their lover.

She added that before they advanced their friendship when he was still in a relationship, she and the man were closest friends.

She claimed that the two of them had an irrational bond that she does not want to terminate and that she does not want another female to surpass.

The side chic further said she will only stop dating him if he gets married to his main side chic.

She shared her predicament online saying: “My boyfriend is cheating on me and his main girl with another girl. We can’t be 3 women in this relationship naw. I really like the main girl, I want him to marry her.

I’m going to ruin it with the new girl. Please he was my bestie before he found his main. We have some crazy bond and i don’t want to end it. No overtaking for here.

The guy is for me and the main girl. Oh yeah yeah, I actually like his main girl oo. I’m just protecting him for her when they fight I hold him down for her so that no one will do overtaking. After they marry naaa, I will walk away”

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