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Naira Marley Pampers Himself With New Ring Reportedly Worth N24M Ahead of Christmas

Naira Marley has reportedly spent nearly 24 million naira (about $45,000) on a new ring.

The Marlian boss- known for his street-buzzing songs like Tesumole and Soapy, flaunted the expensive ring while boasting that he got a fantastic deal on it and that the cost wasn’t high in a video that was posted online.

As seen in the video, the indigenous rapper disclosed that the ring was worth $45,000 as he displayed the various features including a spinning sentence of “NO MANNERS”, the African map and the Nigerian flag.

Naira also utilized the occasion to display his rotating necklace to his fans as he appeared content with his newest acquisition.

Naira Marley was equally in the news recently when he posited that it makes no sense for someone to serve time in prison simply because they used some marijuana and got caught.

The musician, who is well known for his persistent appeals for the legalization of the drug that is prohibited in many nations, once made such a request in a message on Twitter.

Despite its many advantages, weed is still illegal in mancly countries, while the countries where it is permitted get enormous profits from its use and sale.

Its health benefits are the reasons people call for its legalization since it will fetch some cash for countries that struggle to hold their citizens due to economic hardships.

In a tweet, Naira Marley posited that it is wrong for people to go to jail for smoking węėd.

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