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Parts Of Accra Hit By Earth Tremor

On the morning of November 12, 2023, at approximately 7:18 a.m., certain areas in Accra encountered a moderate earth tremor.

Residents residing in Gbawe, Nsakina, Obeyeyie, Kasoa, Sowutuom, Sarpeiman, and La have taken to social media to share their experiences of the tremor. As of now, the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GSSA) has not yet confirmed the occurrence of this incident.

Earlier this year, on March 10, Accra also experienced a minor earth tremor, with a magnitude of 2.8 on the Richter scale, as reported by the Ghana Geological Survey Authority.

Likewise, on December 12, 2022, parts of Accra encountered tremors on three separate occasions within a span of approximately five hours.

The first tremor was felt around 6:53 am in the western part of Accra, followed by another at 10 am in the same locations, and the third tremor occurred at 11:53 am, approximately 10 km away from Gbawe.

Earthquakes are the result of sudden movement along faults within the Earth. The movement releases stored-up ‘elastic strain’ energy in the form of seismic waves, which propagate through the Earth and cause the ground surface to shake. Such movement on the faults is generally a response to long-term deformation and the buildup of stress.

See how Ghanaians reacted to the natural phenomenon.

Source – Tru News Report


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