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Shatta Wale Goes ‘Mad’; Threatens To Beat Up Stonebwoy Over Botched Accra Sports Stadium Concert

Shatta Wale went live on Facebook on Tuesday evening to inform his fans that his much-publicized Freedom Wave Concert has been cancelled and it has everything to do with his rival Stonebwoy.

Thus he launched a scathing attack on one of the daughters of the president of the Republic of Ghana, who is believed to be in charge of releasing the stadium for bookings.

Shatta Wale said that attempts had been made by members of the National Sports Authority (NSA) and a president’s daughter, whom he would not name, to give Stonebwoy permission to have a concert at the Accra Sports Stadium on the same day that he was also planning to hold an event there.

The president’s daughter has instructed the NSA to grant Stonebwoy access to the Accra Sports Stadium for his event on December 22, which is scheduled to take place three days before Shatta Wale’s Freedom Wave Concert, which is scheduled for December 20 to 26, 2023, according to Shatta Wale.

“When we are telling you that what you dey do will cause a problem because if Stonebwoy dey come do his show 22nd, it go enter into 23rd. How many days do you want us to use to our setup and festivities?” he said in pidgin.

He emphasized that the date for Stonebwoy’s event would not allow him and his team to properly set up for the climax of the Freedom Wave Concert and thus questioned the rationale behind the alleged intervention of the president’s daughter in the matter.

“Me I be street boy, I be playboy, I be hard boy. You understand me? When I dey talk truth, I no dey fear face. The president daughter wey she call the Prof for the stadium there wey she talk to am, massa.

“Madam, if ibi so your life dey, wey you want take your father’s power to rule the country, the country no be your father’s own. This country eno be your father in own, wey you go fit take any decision wey you no go think deep into am and you no go ask questions into am, how the message was conveyed to you.

“Because your father is the president you think you can take any decision for the citizens? You self play dey your eye top? Play dey your eye top or you think say somebody dey fear for this country? We no dey fear anybody. Man taya! The nonsense thing you people dey do we tire” he lamented.

In addition, he accused the president’s daughter of interfering in unimportant matters and warned Stonebwoy against any apparent attempt to undermine his show or to go up against him.

“The president’s daughter. You see the thing she dey do. Ghana people dey suffer, dem dey tell you say your father dey make them dey suffer you dey there wey you dey want fight for stadium for show.

“Something wey you no get knowledge about am you dey talk about am. It be so you people go dey, Make you people take the country chop am,” he fumed.

Source – Tru News Report


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