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That’s My Mom – Efia Odo Reacts To Viral Video Of Woman Undergoing Rituals

A video that surfaced on the internet recently has caused massive reactions, as it shows a group of people dressed in black and red attire undergoing a traditional process in the United States.

Some internet users claimed that the woman at the center of it all was being initiated into occultism, but social media influencer Efia Odo has debunked these claims, stating that the woman in the video is her mother and the event was a funeral, not an assembly of occults.

One tweep who shared the video wrote:

They want forcefully initiate her, God abeg bcoz of Us Dollars. She’s not happy.. Broadlight initiation 😭

Reacting, Efia Odo said,

That’s my mother … we held a funeral for my stepdad, lmao y’all love to create false narratives

Efia, who is no stranger to controversies, recently reinforced her persona by saying she cannot date a broke man.

The Ghanaian socialite who once had a stint with the defunct Kwese TV as a presenter revealed this during an episode of the ‘Keeping It 100 percent’ podcast, where the discussion revolved around relationships and their intersections with financial aspects.

Efia Odo emphasized her position by stating that her expectations for possible partners are determined by her level of personal accomplishment. She was adamant in saying that accepting a spouse who was having financial difficulties would not fit with her current situation.

“I won’t take a man who is just trying in life, I’ve passed that stage…I am an already-made b*tch, so if you are not already made I am not going to f*ck with you,” she said.

Efia Odo responded that she wouldn’t even consider getting close to a man who earns up to GH 3,000 cedis per month and provides her GHC 1000 cedis from it.

“I wouldn’t even ask you for that, I won’t take such an amount because you are not making that much. If you’re making GHC₵‎3,000, I wouldn’t even talk to you if you’re making that little“ she argued.

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