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The First Biggest Money I Got As A Sound Engineer Was From Daddy Lumba – Appietus

Appiah Darkwah, better known by his professional name, Appietus, is a well-respected sound engineer who has worked with many musicians over the years.

He claims that Daddy Lumba was the first artist to give him a substantial sum of money for generating beats for them. He said that early in his career, he devoted most of his energy to promoting his own unique talents and skills.

In an interview on Pure FM in Kumasi, Appietus stated that Daddy Lumba had rewarded the effort of his hands with large quantities of money for a project the two had worked on together, which had shown him how profitable the profession could be.

“When I initially started out as a sound engineer, I wasnt making any money out of if, Daddy Lumba was the first person to offer me a significant sum of money. After our conversation, he left the studio and returned with a bag, claiming that he had given me some beverages. He then continued our conversation in the studio.

“I brought the bag in without opening it to see what was inside. I believed it was beverages and instructed my children to empty the bag, but whenever I bring a bag inside the house, my wife immediately opens it to inspect its contents. She questioned me, “Are you not going to deposit the money in the bank?” When I questioned what money she was referring to, she answered, “the money that is in the bag you brought in yesterday.” when I heard that, I yelled. You know, when we first started out, it wasn’t about the money, it was about the skill,” he remarked.

Source – Tru News Report

Frebetha Atieku Adjoh

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