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How Daddy Lumba Yelled At A Fan To Stop Spraying Him With Money At Recent Concert

A fan tried to shower money on Ghanaian highlife musician Daddy Lumba while he was performing on stage at the Legends Night event in Accra.

The highlife artist finally lost his cool and shouted at the fan who ignored his warnings and continued to pour cash over his forehead.

The unnamed admirer, who was dressed in a blue two-piece kaftan, threw wads of cedi notes at Lumba and put his arms over the singer’s shoulders while he sang.

When Daddy Lumba broke free of the man’s grip, he moved to the opposite side of the stage, but the fan still followed him.

When Lumba noticed his performance was being interrupted, he quickly stopped singing and yelled “oh boss.”

His reaction alerted the organizers, and they rushed to the stage to fix the problem.

Throughout the night, the “Lumba Brothers” and other highlife artists performed great songs for the crowd.

Watch the video below:

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