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Top 8 Secret Places On Your Body To Get A Tattoo

Though there are many fantastic options for tattoo sites and shops, choosing which region of your body to get tattooed on is the most difficult aspect of getting one of them.  

Try hiding your tattoo in one of these locations if you want to make sure no one sees the tattoo that you’re flaunting. Remember to carefully consider your choice of tattoo placement and design to ensure it suits your personal style and preferences.

Additionally, keep in mind that some areas of the body may be more sensitive or prone to fading than others, so it’s essential to discuss these factors with your tattoo artist before getting inked.

Here are 8 popular locations for hidden tattoos:

  1. Inner Wrist: Tattoos on the inner wrist are subtle and can be covered with a bracelet or watch if desired.
  2. Under breast: Anything that happens beneath the breast remains there! Unless, of course, you wish to put it out.
  3. The fingers: You’ll definitely want to keep your ink private if you get tattooed on your finger, especially if it’s between your fingers.
  4. Inner Ankle: Ankle tattoos are easily hidden with socks or shoes, making them a popular choice for discreet body art.
  5. Back of the Neck: A tattoo on the back of the neck can be concealed with hair or clothing, allowing for easy discretion.
  6. Underarm: Underarm tattoos are hidden when the arms are down but can be revealed when raised. This is a perfect spot for a hidden tattoo if you can remain calm during this one.
  7. Behind the Ear: A tattoo behind the ear is easily covered with hair, making it a discreet choice for body art.
  8. Bottom of the Foot: While not the most common location, tattoos on the bottom of the foot are easily hidden and provide a unique option for those seeking discreet body art.

Source – Tru News Report

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