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Will Smith Shoots Down Gay Claims, Says He Never Had Sex With Duane Martin

Will Smith has refuted rumours about his alleged involvement in a sexual encounter with Duane Martin, his co-star from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The actor, known for his role in King Richard, has been making headlines recently due to his separation from his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada revealed that they had been separated for many years, and the incident at the Oscars where Will slapped Chris Rock was the first time in years that he referred to her as his wife.

Duane Martin

In response to an interview with someone claiming to be Will’s former personal assistant, Brother Bilaal, who alleged witnessing the sexual encounter, Will’s spokesperson stated that the story was completely false and fabricated. There are even talks of legal action being considered by Will.

Duane, who was previously married to Tisha Campbell, has not addressed the claims. Despite their separation, Will and Jada have no plans to divorce and are working towards reconciling, although they currently live in separate houses.

The pair appeared together in a handful of Fresh Prince episodes in the 90s (Picture: Getty Images)


In a surprising revelation, Brother Bilaal, who previously served as a friend and assistant to the renowned Hollywood actor Will Smith, has alleged that Smith is bisexual.

During a recent interview, Bilaal shared an incident where he inadvertently walked in on Smith and fellow actor Duane Martin involved in a sexual encounter. This claim adds a new dimension to Smith’s public image, as he is widely recognized as an Academy Award winner and a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

“I open the door to Duane’s dressing room and that’s when I see Duane having anal sex with Will”, Bilaal claimed. It was a couch and, um, Will was bent over on the couch and Duane was standing up. Killin’ him. Murderin’. It was murder in there.”

Rumours that Smith and Martin were more than friends have circulated for years. Both men, however, have vehemently denied that they are gay or had sexual relations with one another. And their significant others, Jada Pinkett Smith and Martin’s ex-wife, Tisha Campbell, have also said the rumours were not true.

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