Afia Schwarzenegger Invokes Curses On Friends Buying Alcohol For Moesha

Afia Schwarzenegger attacked those within Moesha Boduong’s circles for providing her with alcohol.

In a video posted on Instagram, Afia maintained that Moesha is not her friend, but she has served as her godmother, thus there is no way that she would allow anyone to provide her with alcohol in her presence.

Afia Schwarzenegger was responding to viral videos showing the actress dancing in bars, clubs, and other public settings.

“If it is your sister that is behaving this way, will you put her on TV. If even Moesha was whoever you people thought she was, she was up there with class and standard.

If you are giving Moesha alcohol, stop it. Look up to God and stop it. We need to feel for her in our heart, you need to see her as your blood. Anybody that sees her anywhere and buys her alcohol, God will not forgive you,” Afia fired in the video.

In relation to this, Moesha Boduong recently told her critics in a new post that being a Christian won’t box her in any way.

The actress and socialite opined in the new update shared on Snapchat that the same God she now depends heavily on will help her achieve her dream as a sexy erotic dancer as well as host the biggest events in the world.

“Sexiness is what my brand stands for and as a Christian, I would keep loving God and still be the most controversial socialite, actress, and sexy erotic dancer and host the biggest events in the world and bring something new, no one has ever seen before,” Moesha stated defiantly.

Her post comes days after videos of her dancing in a club despite claiming to be a ‘new creature in the lord’ surfaced online.

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