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Beyoncé’s $24M Dubai Performance Captured On Camera Despite Restrictions

Even Beyoncé cannot resist cell phones in this day and age; despite her best efforts to keep it a secret, many people managed to record her performance in Dubai. 

The singer is currently in the United Arab Emirates, where she has a performance scheduled at (or near) this ritzy hotel known as Atlantis The Royal. The hotel is said to have paid the singer millions of dollars for her services, reportedly up to $24 million for just a one-hour set.

People who got tickets to the show reported on numerous videos that circulated on Saturday that the hotel and other execs were demanding that people put their devices in locked zip bags. These videos circulated in the lead-up to her performance.

There was also a live feed stream that the hotel had set up that had been capturing a significant portion of her sound checks throughout rehearsal; however, the link was abruptly terminated immediately before the curtain call. In spite of their best attempts, however, people on the ground were still able to record all that was happening.

It sounds like she started off with a cover of Etta James’ “At Last” and then went on to perform a few of her own tracks, such as “XO,” “Brown Skin Girl,” and other “Renaissance” songs. You can see all the footage for yourself right now by following the trend that Beyoncé is creating on Twitter, and you can do so right now.

Bey was dressed to the nines in an extravagant, flowy yellow dress… The stage design was also quite detailed, with a live orchestra and a spectacular rising run background to boot. 

Source – Tru News Report

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