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Ex-Employee Sues Kanye West Over Threat To Shave Heads Of Students At Donda Academy

Kanye West is facing allegations of threatening to shave the heads of students at Donda Academy and confining them in cages, according to a recent lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed by former Yeezy employee Trevor Phillips, accuses West of subjecting him to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation during his time at the design company.

Phillips also mentioned that his responsibilities extended to working for West’s now-closed school. Additionally, Phillips stated that West would openly discuss antisemitic theories in front of students, expressing his desire to shave the heads of two children and build a jail at the school.

Furthermore, Phillips claimed that during a dinner at Nobu Malibu in December 2022, West made derogatory remarks about Jewish individuals, praised Adolf Hitler as an “innovator,” and dismissed the Holocaust as a fabrication.

The lawsuit also alleges that West engaged in inappropriate behaviour and displayed signs of arousal.

“What was meant to be a meeting with his boss about Donda Academy, its curriculum and horticulture, ended up being antisemitic and bigoted soliloquy-topped off with sexual harassment,” the lawsuit states.

He also claimed that after the group’s sushi was delivered the fashion designer “began threatening the LGBTQ community.”

“‘Yeah I’m going for the gays! FIRST the Jews, THEN the gays!’” Phillips purports West said, further alleging that Bill Gates “controls” homosexuals.

Phillips, an African American man, further accused West of displaying clear discrimination towards black employees compared to their white counterparts.

He also stated that West ordered a black campus security guard to either cut off his dreadlocks or face termination. As a result, the guard ultimately chose to resign from his position.

Phillips alleged West fired him in May 2023 during one of his Sunday Services.

“By filing this lawsuit, we hope our injured clients’ rights are vindicated, and that the famous artist Mr. West understands that his messages – which we alleged preach discrimination, antisemitism and Hitler-love – have no place in the world,” Carney R. Shegerian, Phillips’ attorney, tells Page Six in a statement.

Source – Tru News Report


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