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Gomoa Central Belongs To Us—A-Plus Tells NPP On How To ‘Break The 8’

A-Plus has issued a reminder to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that if they are serious about breaking the 8, they must initiate developmental projects in his constituency.

The former rapper turned political activist confidently stated that the NPP cannot stop him from running as an MP in the 2024 parliamentary elections.

In what seemed like the beginning of his campaign as an independent candidate, A-Plus dared the ruling government to disqualify him if they truly possessed the authority, as rumours circulated within the political realm that he posed a threat.

He said in a video shared by UTV thus:

I hear people say that during the filing of nominations, the NPP will find a way to disqualify me from contesting the 2024 elections. I am telling you that they will be the ones who fill out my forms and submit them. They cannot disqualify me. I am throwing a challenge at them because it is never possible. If they do that, how would their MP win the elections.

He asserted that he was undeterred and ready to lead the people. As a former member of the NPP, he urged them to either collaborate with his vision or meet with him if they aim to secure victory in the upcoming elections, commonly referred to as breaking the 8.

“Gomoa Central belongs to us and nobody else; what we say is what will work. There are about 250+ votes in the constituency. If NPP is serious about breaking the 8, they should start doing something here,” he added.

Source – Tru News Report


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