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I Bought My Own Wedding Ring & Dress- Xandy Kamel Reveals How She Sponsored Her Wedding

Xandy Kamel has divulged information regarding the bitter end of her marriage with sports journalist, Kaninja.

In an interview on the latest episode of the Delay show, Kamel disclosed that she took it upon herself to buy her own wedding ring and dress, emphasizing that she was the one who financially supported the wedding, contrary to traditional expectations.

Furthermore, Kamel shared that she first encountered her ex-husband, Kaninja, while working and hosting a show at Angel TV.

According to Kamel, she and Kaninja swiftly entered into a serious romantic relationship just two months after she started her new job. Their love journey progressed rapidly, leading them to discuss marriage preparations within a span of 4 to 6 months.

Kamel went on to reveal that she shouldered more than half of the wedding expenses, including the purchase of the rings, her husband’s suit, and various other bills even after the wedding took place.

“When I started working there, he was already a staff there but funny enough, I never even looked his way but it happened…it took two months.”

She explained, “I bought both rings and made one of my uncles buy the wedding and then send it to Ghana for him. So it feels like I married him. That is why I am the only one who can end it… I married him because I did everything; he only came in as a man that I respected…but I made it look like he did it.”

According to Kamel, her husband’s numerous infidelities, online harassment and body-shaming, her struggle with depression following the end of their marriage, and the tragic loss of her first child due to drowning were the factors that led to the breakdown of their relationship. She also revealed that she sought therapy and support to help her cope with the traumatic events.

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