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Kojo Antwi Loses His Dad

Kojo Antwi, a musical genius, has lost his father, the late Opanin Kwadwo Asiamah Asubonten.

He posted on his Instagram confirming the death of his father who passed away on Monday, 2nd January 2023. He died at the age of 104.

The death of Opanin Kwadwo Asiamah Asubonten occurred at home, where he was cared for by his family and loved ones.

Kojo Antwi wrote a heartfelt tribute to his father, saying “My heart is saddened by your departure, my dear father. You lived a full life and lived it well. Your widow mourns you. All seventeen of your children mourn you. We are all little branches of the mighty tree that you were in this life”.

“You did the best you could for your family. I may not have understood you as a child but I have appreciated and celebrated you since becoming an adult. Four long days and nights it has taken for me to come to terms with the fact that you and I will speak no more, shake hands no more, embrace and smile at each other no more”.

“Oh life, so fragile. Oh death; no matter how strong, no matter how loved, you lurk and strike and
snatch our loved ones at your will”.

Read his full tribute below

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