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Nana Aba Anamoah Alarmed By Kwesi Nyantakyi’s $100,000 Bribery Confession

Nana Aba Anamoah wasted no time in criticizing Kwesi Nyantakyi, the former boss of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), for openly criticizing the Number 12 documentary and confessing to offering a staggering $100,000 to suppress the story.

The famed TV personality recognized that Nyantakyi’s tarnished reputation would hinder his aspirations of running for a parliamentary seat under the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ejisu by-elections.

Nana Aba reluctantly acknowledged that seeking political office in Ghana is no longer a moral competition, as Nyantakyi’s admission of bribery is a clear violation of the law.

Recall that Kwesi Nyantakyi has made it known that he intends to participate in the upcoming by-election in the Ejisu constituency following the passing of John Kumah.

Despite expressing confidence in his ability to run in the by-election, Mr. Nyantakyi has also acknowledged the mourning process taking place within the constituency after the loss of the late Deputy Finance Minister.

Speaking at the launch of the New Patriotic Party’s Ashanti Regional Campaign team in Kumasi, Mr. Nyantakyi revealed his intentions to join the Ejisu by-election once the official timetable is announced.

While he mentioned that he is still considering the idea, Mr Nyantakyi has confirmed that he meets the qualifications to contest as he hails from the constituency.

He emphasized his connections to the constituency and his eligibility to run, while also recognizing the current mourning period for the late MP.

Nyantakyi as part of his parliamentary bid is on a media campaign to promote his candidacy. In an interview with Onua TV, Nyantakyi revealed that he paid $100,000 to intermediaries of Anas to kill the story.

Despite Anas initially demanding $150,000 to keep the incriminating footage under wraps, Nyantakyi could only manage to gather $100,000, which he handed over to prevent the revelations from being exposed.

Despite his efforts, the documentary was eventually released, resulting in widespread criticism and Nyantakyi’s subsequent football ban. Nyantakyi also mentioned that he later requested a refund of the bribe money even after the documentary was made public, and the amount was returned to him in instalments.

“Before the video was released, his lawyers reached out to me through his lawyer, a certain Kwame Gyan, a lecturer at Legon. I met him at his residence around Westland and gave them the money,” he said in an interview with Onua TV.

“But they told me the amount was inadequate and later went ahead to release the video.

“After the video came out, I asked for a refund and even the refund was done in pieces. Today, they would bring $20,000, the next day another $10,000. They were giving me stories, but eventually I got everything back,” Kwesi Nyantakyi said.

Source – Tru News Report


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