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Read: How Henry Fitz Allegedly Lost His Wealth And Sold All His Properties Because Of Women

There is a recent revelation regarding Henry Fitz, the Ghanaian businessman who has gained legendary status on social media for his alleged relationships with top female celebrities, including the one involving Serwaa Amihere, which was leaked online.

This has sparked curiosity about who he is and what he does. Akwasi Abogaye reached out to someone who knows him well to share details about him on Peace FM.

According to the source, although Henry Fitz is not originally from Sunyani, he has been living there for years and that is where he accumulated his wealth.

During a phone conversation with Akwasi Abogaye, the source as monitored by Tru News Report, mentioned that Henry Fitz used to be very wealthy, owning multiple companies and cars.

However, due to his womanizing habits and increasing debts, he had to sell all his assets. In a recent interview, another source close to Fitz claimed that he gradually mysteriously lost all his wealth.

The source revealed that Fitz had hotels and businesses in the Eastern Region, which made him a wealthy man.

Unfortunately, he reached a point where he couldn’t pay off his debts, resulting in him having to surrender his properties to his creditors.

The source also disclosed that Fitz has been married twice since his encounter with Serwaa Amihere and currently has a girlfriend. Shockingly, he has fathered seven children with all these women!

Source – Tru News Report


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